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This information is only a summary of typical questions and does not replace the binding plan documents.
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Dental Insurance | Vision Insurance

You must be an active full-time employee, regularly scheduled to work 30 hours or more per week, and forty weeks a year.

When can I enroll in voluntary dental or vision insurance benefits as a new enrollee?
Your coverage starts on the first date of your employment as long as you properly complete your enrollment forms within 31 days from your start date. If you wait and complete the forms beyond the 31-day period, your coverage will not start until the date the forms are completed at midnight.

Can I drop my voluntary dental or vision coverage at any time?
No, due to the fact that dental and vision are voluntary benefits, you must continue on the plan for one full year from July 1st until June 30th, unless you have a life event/status change.

What is the monthly cost of voluntary vision and dental benefits?
Please call the Benefits Office at 219-769-9292 for premium amounts as they are subject to annual increases.



Dental Plan Q&A:

What is the difference between the PPO High (Anthem Dental Complete) and PPO Low (Anthem Dental Prime) Dental Plan?
With both plans, you can visit any dentist, but you receive the greatest cost savings if you select an in-network Anthem dental provider. 
Under Resources and Forms, click on Summary of Benefits for detailed plan comparison.

How do I find an Anthem in-network dentist?
You can go online to   Click “Find Dental Providers”.  Or contact Anthem at 1-877-604-2142.

Is the procedure my dentist ordered covered by the dental plan?
If you are not sure if a particular procedure is covered, you or your dentist’s office should call Anthem at 1-877-604-2142 prior to scheduling the procedure.

How do I get a replacement dental card?
You can go online to or contact Anthem at 1-877-604-2142.

What is the Maximum Rollover feature for the PPO High plan?
With Maximum Rollover, Anthem will roll over a portion of your unused annual maximum into your personal Maximum Rollover Account (MRA) as long as you submit at least one claim and stay under the claims threshold.  The MRA can be used in future years, if you reach the plan’s annual maximum.   You can view your annual MRA statement detailing your account and those of your dependents on The PPO Low plan is not eligible for the Maximum Rollover.


Anthem – Blue View Vision

Vision Plan Q&A:

How do I find a vision in-network provider?
You may go to Or contact Anthem Blue View Vision at 1-866-723-0515.

What happens if I don’t use a vision in-network provider?
While the best coverage is through a vision in-network provider, you may still receive some reimbursement for services from an out-of-network provider. You may access the Out-of-Network Claim Form by clicking on the link under Resources and Forms.

How do I get a replacement dental card?
You can go online to or contact Anthem Blue View Vision at 1-866-723-0515.

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