Office of Benefits - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This information is only a summary of typical questions and does not replace the binding plan documents.
Please contact the Benefits Office with any benefit related questions.


User Name: CAT502
Password: perspectives

All employees. Your dependent eligible family members are also able to use this benefit even if they are not a dependent under your medical coverage.

EAP Plan Q&A:

What types of situations are dealt with by the EAP counselor?
Perspectives EAP is skilled to handle all type of situations. Counselors are available to individuals experiencing situations in relationships (marital, family, social), stress, legal, financial, child/elder care, and work.

Who are the counselors at Perspectives?
Perspectives counselors are experienced clinicians who have Master’s degrees in either Social Work or Counseling and are Licensed Addiction counselors.

I don’t have any situations in which I need counseling so is there anything that would benefit me?
Absolutely! Perspectives Online provides twenty-four hour access to a vast library of articles, self-guided assessments, links, calculators, and information on Health and Wellness, Family and Care Giving, Daily Living, and Working Well.   Visit Perspective’s website at   User name: CAT502     Password: perspectives.

What is the cost of using the EAP?
There is NO COST to you.   It is a benefit provided by the Diocese of Gary Benefit Program.  However, if you are referred to a resource outside of the EAP, you may be responsible for that cost.   Your EAP counselor will assist you in finding the most cost effective and efficient help.

Will the Benefits Office, my school or church, institution, or agency know if I (or any of my family) use the program?
No. Perspectives EAP is CONFIDENTIAL. No one will know that you are using the program unless you sign a written “Release of Information” giving your counselor permission to speak to someone about you. The Benefits Office only receives statistical information about utilization of the program. A name or any fact that might identify an individual is never given in a report.

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