Office of Catholic Schools - Services

  • Develops and implements the annual Principals’ In-Service/Retreat gatherings.
  • Develops and implements the New Teacher Orientation and monthly support meetings.
  • Provides local or regional staff professional development opportunities according to the School Improvement Plan.
  • Supports schools’ participation in the bi-annual INPEA Teacher Conference.
  • Revises Curriculum Guides on the Indiana textbook cycle in partnership with teachers and principals.
  • Prepares all principal and teacher contracts for local pastors and principals.
  • Provides all diocesan forms to local schools.
  • Develops, helps to implement, and provides services for diocesan-wide community programs such as safe environment, crisis management, safety audits, student assistance programs, and ESL screening.
  • Coordinates the diocesan members of the Indiana Federation of Catholic School Parents, which is linked to the advocacy efforts of the Indiana Catholic Conference.
  • Maintains a file of teacher applicants and substitute teachers for principals.
  • Implements a program of recruitment for candidates for potential school administrative positions in the diocese.
  • Collaborates with Office of Ministry Formation to provide religious formation program for principals and teachers
  • Implements Diocesan Tuition Assistance Program
  • Implements Safe Environment Plan including the “Protecting God’s Children” training sessions and the VIRTUS online bulletins.
  • Conducts national and state background checks for all staff, faculties, and volunteers for the Diocese of Gary.
  • Provides support for Strategic Planning implementation.
  • Provides the annual Pastor and Principal 40/30/20 year Veteran Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.

The Catholic Schools Office accomplishes the following communication efforts:

  • Visits to school communities with emphasis on schools with declining enrollment or budget issues.
  • Communicates regularly with the principals by monthly mailings and weekly Email Updates.
  • Communicates with both pastors and principals to determine:
    1. Principal effectiveness
    2. Staffing needs
    3. Budget projections
  • Serves as a liaison with various external groups so as to provide both our local schools and those groups with necessary and vital information.  Such communication includes:
    1. The State Department of Education, and the Indiana Professional Standards Board.
    2. The Indiana Non-Public Education Association (INPEA) and the Indiana Federation of Catholic School Families (IFCSF) which work with the Indiana Catholic Conference (ICC) in political networking and advocating Catholic education.
    3. The National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) which is the national organization for Catholic educators.  Services include materials, workshops, newsletters, and conferences.
  • Deals with parental and administrative concern and/or issues when they arise.
  • Facilitates meetings of pastors and principals where there is a question of school viability or possible school expansion.
  • Works with the Diocesan Education Commission in its mission to preserve and enhance the ministry of Catholic education in the Diocese.