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Deanery Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Deanery Pastoral Council is:

  • To provide an opportunity for the laity to have input on issues that are pertinent to their deanery.
  • To keep parishes within the deanery informed of parish, cluster, and diocesan programs and activities.
  • To give diocesan program coordinators and other resource people an opportunity to provide assistance to a specific group of parishes.

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Deaneries and Current Deans

Gary/Northlake Deanery
Rev. David W. Kime, Dean

Porter Deanery
Rev. Joseph Pawlowski, Dean

Southlake Deanery
Rev. Michael Yadron, Dean

LaPorte/Starke Deanery
Rev. Ian J. Williams, Dean

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Diocesan Pastoral Council

It is highly desirable that in every diocese a special pastoral council be established, over which the diocesan bishop himself presides and in which clergy, religious and laity specially chosen for the purpose will have a part. It will belong to this council to investigate, to consider, and to formulate practical conclusions about those things which pertain to pastoral works.”

Decree on the Pastoral Office of Bishop in the Church, Christus Dominus CD 27

The Diocesan Pastoral Council is a consultative group that meets with the Bishop to prayerfully discern matters pertaining to the pastoral and spiritual activity of the diocese and to make recommendations that pertain to these matters.  The council will study, consider and propose practical conclusions for implementing the diocesan vision and mission.


Members of the diocesan pastoral council shall reflect the age, gender, culture and race of the entire diocese. Although the laity make up the majority of the membership it is not a “lay council.”  Membership includes the Bishop, 2 priests, 1 religious, and 20 lay men and women from the five deaneries.

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