Office of Parish Pastoral Council - Structure

The membership of the Parish Pastoral Council is composed of 12 lay members and the Pastor.  The Pastoral Council, in collaboration with parish members, develops a parish plan that will meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of the parishioners.  The Council implements the parish plan through the work of the following five Commissions. 

  • The Education and Formation Commission
  • The Spirituality/Worship Commission
  • The Parish Life Commission
  • The Peace & Social Justice Commission
  • The Stewardship/Administration Commission

The Office for Parish Pastoral Councils provides training, discernment assistance and support for the Parish Pastoral Councils.  A detailed training manual is available by contacting the Office for Parish Pastoral Councils.

The Coordinator for Parish Pastoral Councils also provides training and support for the Deanery Pastoral Councils and the Diocesan Pastoral Council.

Contact Person
Parish Pastoral Council, Coordinator