Diocesan Peace and Social Justice Commission - Programs & Resources

CRS Fair Trade: Giving Hope to a World of Need

CRS Programs

  • CRS Fair Trade gives you a concrete way to promote economic justice for artisans, farmers and workers living in poverty overseas. Purchase fair trade coffee, chocolate or high quality handcrafts.  For information, contact Commission members Leo Barron or Peg Murphy.
  • Operation Rice Bowl helps Catholics of all ages observe Lent in a way that helps poor people around the world through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  75% of the donations to Operation Rice Bowl helps CRS fund development programs in the worlds poorest countries. For information, contact Commission member Adelina Torres at 219-397-2125.
  • Food Fast is a 24 – hour hunger awareness program for Catholic youth in the United States.  Focusing on global poverty and justice, Food Fast provides an experience of solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas.  For information, contact Commission member Jennifer Dyer at 219-886-3549.
The Box Project

The Box Project

  • Goal and Vision – of the Box Program is to step out from the systemic problems of poverty in our Diocese and develop a plan, one family at a time to aid those in most need.  The Vision is to develop and foster a Catholic bond between the families and work toward a dialog which would include not only the giving box, but also a caring and sharing of cultures through worship and meal sharing over an extended period of time.

  • The Giving family or group of families will give a box to the Receiving family on a regular basis ( monthly, by-monthly, quarterly).  The box can include food, and/or clothing.  Each Giving family determines the value of the box.

For information, contact Commission member Deacon David Kapala.

Diocesan Haiti Project

Diocesan Haiti Project

Learn more about the Diocesan Haiti Project, click here.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development: If you want peace, work for justice.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, established in 1970, has two purposes: 

1)  empowerment and participation for the poor and

2)  education about poverty in the United States and the Church’s social teachings that lead  to action to address the root causes of poverty. 

In 40 years, CCHD has provided more than 8,000 grants to self help projects developed by grassroots groups of poor persons.  The CCHD’s education campaign has assisted in increasing Catholics awareness to the rich Catholic social tradition and teaching, and transforming awareness and reflection into concrete actions for justice.  Each year a special collection is taken up in our diocese to provide for the poor and address the root causes of poverty.

General Resources Provided by CCHD:

1) “In the Footsteps of Jesus, a parish video that introduces Catholic social teaching.

2) Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Life (CSTEL) one day seminar or retreat.

3) PovertyUSA.org features educational materials on poverty in the U.S.

4) JustFaith – programs for adults and youth which facilitates prayer, ritual, relationships, and dialogue about Catholic social teachings.

5) Local monetary grants and national grants.

For information, contact Commission member Ken Gembala at 219-776-3096.

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