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What is a Synod?

"Throughout the history of the Church, the people of God have held synods, a formal gathering of prayer, dialogue, reflection and discernment whose purpose is to live the mission of Jesus with greater fervor and effectiveness. Some synods are universal, such as the one held in Rome in 2015 to discuss marriage and family, while others are diocesan, held to discuss local concerns. Coming from the ancient Greek, the word "synod" means "walking together." We see in this etymology the vision of the whole Church gathered as one ad moving forward to grasp Christ and His saving Gospel."

In the months leading to the diocesan synod, to be held on Pentecost in 2017, Bishop Hying asks the Church of Gary to join him in reflecting on these eight areas, which are central to our common mission, lifting up our strengths and blessings but also acknowledging the challenges and raising questions and concerns:

  • Evangelization
  • Marriage and Family
  • Sacraments, Prayer and Worship
  • Young Catholics
  • Discipleship/Formation
  • Stewardship
  • Social Teaching
  • Vocations and Leadership Formation

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Good and gracious God,
we thank you for all the many gifts
and blessings you have given to us.

Send your Holy Spirit upon us as we gather for this synod
so that all our efforts may reflect your Holy Will.
In a New Pentecost, grant that your Holy Church in the Diocese of Gary
may experience more powerfully the work of your Spirit.

Stir in our hearts the desire to renew our faith,
to be bold witnesses of the Gospel,
and to make disciples of all peoples.

We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ,
together with Mary, our Immaculate Mother,
St. Joseph, our father and guide,
and all the holy angels.


Oración por el Sínodo de la Diócesis de Gary

Dios bueno y misericordioso,
Te agradecemos por los muchos dones
Y bendiciones que nos has dado.

Envía tu Espíritu Santo sobre nosotros para este sínodo
para que todos nuestros esfuerzos puedan reflejar tu Santa Voluntad.
En un Nuevo Pentecostés, concede que tu Santa Iglesia en la Diócesis de Gary
pueda experimentar más poderosamente la obra de tu Espíritu.

Revuelve en nuestros corazones el deseo de renovar nuestra fe,
Para ser testigos audaces del Evangelio,
Y hacer discípulos de todos los pueblos.

Te pedimos esto a través de tu Hijo, Jesucristo,
Junto con María, nuestra Madre Inmaculada,
San José, nuestro padre y guía,
Y todos los Santos Ángeles.


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Synod 2017: Sacraments, Prayer and Worship


Synod 2017 Introduction

Video of the Synod Declaration Mass

Bishop Hying Explaining Synod 2017

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Bishop Hying Columns

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These images were created by the Synod 2017 Commission for the Diocese of Gary. They are free and available to everyone. Share them on your web page and social media. Print them to hang in common areas of your church and school. Include them in your bulletins. Spread them like wildfire.

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